ShoeString Stone house organizes convenient and affordable transfers to and from airports in Cappadocia. We offer both regular ( Non-private ) shuttle bus service as well as private transfers directly to our hotel.

Shuttle ( non-private ) Transfer
All of the domestic flights arriving/departing Cappadocia ( both Kayseri and Nevsehir airports ) have regular shuttle buses, however, advance booking is required for your only arriving flight and the drivers cannot accept passengers not on their list. When departing Cappadocia by plane, you will be picked up from our hotel approximately 2 to 3 hours prior to the flight departure time. You will arrive at least 1 hour before your plane departs, allowing plenty of time to check-in for your flight. However, advance airport transfer booking for your departing flight is not necessary. It can be arranged while you are in Cappadocia.

Private Transfer
The private transport will meet you at the exit gate of airport upon arrival – the driver will be holding a sign with your name for easy identification. The driver will drive directly to your hotel. For the return flight you will also have direct service from hotel to airport, saving time.

Private Airport transfer cost up to 4 people / 4 luggage is 70 Euro, up to 6 people / 6 luggage is 80 Euro, up to 12 people / 12 luggage is 90 Euro from / to Nevsehir Airport.
Private Airport transfer up to 4 people / 4 luggage is 70 Euro, up to 6 people / 6 luggage is 100 Euro, up to 12 people / 12 luggage is 110 Euro from / to Kayseri Airport.

Cancelation policy and Booking
If for whatever is the reason you wish to cancel your booking, you may do so and receive full refund 1 day before date of arrival. If cancelled later, total cost of Cappadocia airport transfer will be charged.

If you wish to book an Airport transfer from your arriving flight to our hotel, please fill the reservation request form below. Then we will book you an airport transfer and confirm your request with-in 24 hours.

Airport Shuttle Form